Facebook Civilization Beta Launches In June


Posted February 2, 2010 - By Stephen Johnson

Facebook Civilization Launches In JuneThe beta launch of the Facebook version of Sid Meier's Civilization is happening in June, according to 2K games.

Civilization Network will allow you to play solo or with your Facebook pals to build the civilization of your dreams. Then you'll battle other facebook civilization for ultimate supremacy of all status updates and vacation photos.

From the official description:

"You can coordinate your strategy to win great battles, share your technology to jump ahead of your rivals, lobby your family and friends to form your own government and win vital elections, manage and grow your cities to maximize production and happiness, spy on your enemies, and work with your friends to create the great Wonders of the World.”

Normally, I don't play games on Facebook. I only use it for discreet cyber-stalking and to tell other people what to think by way of status updates, but I'm going to make an exception for Civilization. As a concept, Civ on Facebook works, and if the past games are any indicator of future success, this will rule your social networking life. What do you guys think?

Source: The Cut Scene

Facebook Civilization Beta Launches In June