The Verdict: Assassin's Creed II: The Battle of Forli


Posted January 27, 2010 - By Matt Keil

Here's a heads-up for those who are still working their way through Assassin's Creed II: The Battle of Forli, Ubisoft's first downloadable chapter for the game, is Sequence 12 in the AC II story. If you haven’t completed the game up through Sequence 11, some of the content discussed in this article may be considered spoiler territory. You've been warned.

Assassin’s Creed II’s first DLC chapter is unusual in that it’s very clearly content meant to be in the original game, but cut out, most likely due to the limited amount of time the Montreal-based team had to finish the game for release. The first DLC, The Battle of Forli, fills in some blanks that lingered if you played through the game to completion.

If you have already completed the game, installing the DLC will cause Rebecca (the Animus 2.0 tech) to suddenly figure out how to access the corrupted 12th memory block, sending you directly into the DLC missions. Presumably, playing the game from the beginning will result into Sequence 12 simply being integrated into the story proper.

The primary focus is on the events immediately following Ezio’s acquisition of the Piece of Eden at the end of Sequence 11. He decides to bring the object to Forli for safekeeping, but quickly comes under attack by enemy forces. Ezio’s job is to keep the Piece of Eden safe from the Assassins’ foes.

It’s a quick series of six missions, which can be completed in about an hour. They’re notable primarily for the large scale battles that kick the sequence off, featuring dozens of character in combat at once. This nicely continues the momentum built in Sequence 11, and fills in part of the gap between those events and the rather sudden jump to Rome in the Sequence 14 finale. Also welcome is a freeplay glider mission that opens up, allowing some extra flight time for those who wanted more than just the sole flight mission in the story and offering a second chance for anyone who missed the glider kick achievement/trophy the first time around.

There’s not a lot of content in The Battle of Forli, but for a mere 320 Microsoft points (about $4), it’s a pretty fair price. Is it worth booting up Assassin’s Creed II again for this if you’ve already finished it? Probably not, unless you’re a major completist or fan of the story. However, if you haven’t played the game yet or haven’t completed Sequence 11, it’s worth waiting for this and next month’s Sequence 13 DLC before you proceed. It does a lot to smooth over the choppy last part of the game and is really the only way to get the whole story.

The Verdict: Assassin's Creed II: The Battle of Forli


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