Reader Prediction Round Up: Apple's Tablet Device


Posted January 26, 2010 - By Jake Gaskill

Reader Prediction Round Up: Apple's Tablet Device

Tomorrow is a big day for Apple. Not only is the house that Jobs built expected to unveil their long rumored tablet device, but we could also be seeing a new iPhone model, a new iPhone OS, a new Apple-design planet that will be all the rage for about six months and then be replaced by a sleeker, less expensive one. In other words, it’s going to be pretty wild.

And since we've already told you what we're anticipating from tomorrow's event, we thought we’d take a look at what you all are expecting from it (the good, the bad, the indifference, and so on). After going over the comments thus far, several clear points of view have emerged: dubiousness based on Apple’s track record when it comes to releasing new devices, enthusiasm over what iTablet-like devices mean for the future of media consumption and curiosity regarding what Apple’s “oversized iPhone” will mean for portable gaming.

Hit the jump to see what your fellow G4tv.com readers have to say about some of the tech we could be seeing from Apple tomorrow.

DJOmega6: I will withhold judgment until the details come out on Wednesday. Until then, any opinion I have about it is like shooting a shotgun in the dark: nothing good will come of it.

: No sense in being excited about it since as you know every time apple announces a new product they are already working on the new item to replace it.

Crazyjd87: It seems like with every Apple product, well not just Apple, technology period. There's ALWAYS something better that will come out or a better version of the same product. It's gonna be really interesting to see, exactly what the main function of this is but I'm gonna wait and use that money on something that can actually improve my life..which I don't do often lol.

bbonds756: Dont care, cant afford one... Recession FTW!

unknownsoul7: This tablet is the future. Devices like this are the next step in personal media technology, and mobile computing. Even if this it only ends up being bigger ipod touch with more advanced capabilities like better 3d graphics etc, it will be awesome.

meh_siah: I think this iTablet will do for print media what the iPod did for music.

ronaldo99: im very, very excited to see how this hooks up with my iphone. i really hope they make the apps compatible. how would the accelerometer work? if i was playing "fall down" would i have to tilt the whole tablet back and forth?

Gutt3: i would love for games to be on the tablet...(i guess there "apps") but...if people are going to me moving around a notebook (actual not computer) like a steering wheel...then i have a problem......imagine this...ur at the airport waiting (if u get through with the thing) and everyone has a apple tablet (because everyone will) and waving it around to play cube runner......

LegitANDERSON24: i think the true question is will it run crysis....

It seems a bit strange to ask you all to comment about comments, but sometimes my job requires me to get a bit more meta than I’d like, so please, have at it.

And remember, G4 will be there every step of the way tomorrow, bringing you all the coverage and analysis your tech-loving hearts desire. The festivities start at 10AM PST here on the Web, with Attack of the Show bringing it all home at 7PM with even more coverage and discussions about all the day’s big announcements. So be sure to tune in!

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Reader Prediction Round Up: Apple's Tablet Device


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