Newest Modern Warfare 2 Glitch Drains Your XP?


Posted January 20, 2010 - By Stephen Johnson

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The latest Modern Warfare 2 glitch/exploit making the rounds is nasty. According to some forum posters and a Youtube video (below), the 'sploit allows nefarious online gamers to destroy your rank, draining five million XP from you, busting you back down to lvl 1, with negative millions of XP -- now that's a powerful weapon.

In the twisted logic of the hacker in the video you see below, the exploit was created to "stop people who were spamming him for an XP boost."  Sure, that makes sense. Someone on the video opines that losing all that hard-earned XP is the fault of the people who trust the guy who made the private game. "You're already cheating," a whiny, nasally voice intones, "It's your fault."

This is reportedly only affecting Xbox Live games, and you're apparently safe if you stay out of private matches hosted on hacked Xboxes. If you do end up in a private match where your experience drops after you make a kill, I'd dashboard out right away, before the match "counts."

Check out the video:

Because the hack only works after you shoot someone, it reminds me of the theory of Mutual Assured Destruction that kept the world from exploding during the Cold War. Just like the USSR and USA were afraid to pull the triggers on their nukes, gamers in this kind of private match would be afraid to fire their guns for fear of losing everything. It would be poetic, if it was real life and not a game, where the point is killing people and no one really gets hurt.

Newest Modern Warfare 2 Glitch Drains Your XP?