What Capcom Hopes To Accomplish In 2010 -- Plus, A Myserious E3 Teaser


Posted January 19, 2010 - By pklepek

Vital Suits And Troopers Explode In New Lost Planet 2 Screens

Here's one more post to wrap up my time spent in Las Vegas covering CES 2010. At the show, I asked Capcom's VP of strategic planning and business development Christian Svensson to think about the conversation we could be having in January 2011, a year from now. I asked him to think about what Capcom would like to say it accomplished in 2010, if all the pieces were to perfectly fall into place.

"I'd love to say that we expanded the appeal of the Monster Hunter brand," he said, referring to the upcoming Monster Hunter Tri. "I'd love to say we have laid the foundation for future Street Fighter success with Super [Street Fighter IV]. I would love to say that Lost Planet has become cemented as one of the key Capcom brands moving forward and is not a one-title success story but has been really successful there. I would love to say Dark Void was successful enough to see a sequel."

Dark Void launched this week. The clock is already ticking on that one.

"I'd love to say...see, what else?" he continued. "What else that I can talk about?"

"Oh, I've got one," laughed Svensson.

I could tell I was in for another mysterious tease from Svensson. Ready? Brace for it:

"I'd love to say that some of the things that we announce in the middle of this year will have people exceptionally excited for next year," he said smiling, as Capcom public relations looked on with a cautious eye. "I can't say -- there's a project...it took a very long time to get certain things done."

Svensson made one last pronouncement, as one of Capcom's PR team shouted "I'm watching you!"

"I think people are gonna be extremely excited when they hear some of the stuff we announce later in the year," he concluded.

As with Capcom's secret Project Natal game (Steel Battalion!?), let the guessing begin!

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What Capcom Hopes To Accomplish In 2010 -- Plus, A Myserious E3 Teaser


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