X-Play's Mass Effect 2 Special Tonight @ 6:30PM


Posted January 19, 2010 - By Mike D'Alonzo

X-Play's Mass Effect 2 Special Tuesday @ 6:30PM

Commander Shepard returns to the world of gaming with Mass Effect 2, and tonight at 6:30PM ET, X-Play takes a look at the long-awaited sequel in a special devoted to the epic shooter/RPG hybrid. Adam and Morgan get an in-depth interview with the developers at Bioware about the changes in the new game, including new crew members like the Thane Assassin, an arsenal of more powerful armor and weapons, and the ability to control your conversation with physical moments of intense action.

Plus, you'll get an inside look at the sequel's story, as Commander Shepard joins forces with an old enemy to face a terrifying new threat to humanity. Secret missions and alien encounters abound in Mass Effect 2, and X-Play has all of the information you need to prepare yourself to take controller in hand and help determine the fate of the universe. Make sure you tune in to X-Play's Mass Effect 2 special on tonight at 6:30PM ET. Don't miss it!

X-Play's Mass Effect 2 Special Tonight @ 6:30PM