Is The Book Of Eli Really Fallout 3: The Movie?


Posted January 13, 2010 - By Stephen Johnson

Is Book Of Eli Really Fallout 3: The Movie?

Denzel Washington's The Book of Eli comes out this Friday, and we're all obviously excited by the prospect of Denzel kicking ass and/or taking names in a post apocalyptic wasteland. But take a look at the Book of Eli trailer...

...and tell me: Does that remind you of anything? It reminded me of Fallout 3. Check out the similarities: 

  • Both are set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.
  • Both feature a mysterious wasteland wander who holds the key to saving his civilization.
  • Both feature a megalomaniac leader attempting to seize power by offering to rebuild the world.
  • Art direction is very similar. Same muted colors, dusty, filtered look.
  • Both feature destroyed highway overpasses prominently.
  • Both feature the main character taking on a henchman.
  • Eli's Slow motion bazooka shot reminiscent of Fallout 3's V.A.T.S system.
  • Speaking of V.A.T.S, Eli must be using it to fight. He takes on 5 post-Apocalypse baddies without getting scratched.
  • The grenades, arrows, knives, shotguns, and handguns in The Book of Eli indicate a variety of weapons, just like in Fallout 3.

There are obvious differences too, of course. There's no Bible (that I've found) in Fallout 3, and the whole 1950s kitch thing is missing from Eli, but the similarities are pretty unmistakable.

I'm not saying Eli is stealing from Fallout, though; only that both works seem informed by the same artistic and cultural influences. Book of Eli was written by Gary Whitta, a former editor of PC Gamer magazine, and was a behind writer on Duke Nukem Forever, Prey, and Gears of War, so the gaming influence is bound to be an integral part of The Book of Eli.

What do you think: Does Eli look like a movie version of Bethesda's Fallout 3, or am I barking up the crazy tree here? Notice any other similarities that I missed?

Is The Book Of Eli Really Fallout 3: The Movie?


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