Beyonce And Nintendo Get "Style Savvy"


Posted January 12, 2010 - By Stephen Johnson

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Beyoncé And Nintendo

As regular readers of TheFeed know, Beyoncé is the unofficial female mascot of our site -- no one is sure exactly why, but an election was held recently and Beyoncé triumphed over her closest competitor: Snooki from The Jersey Shore. Anyway, Beyoncé (or "Yoncé" as I call her in intimate moments) has teamed up with Nintendo to add some flavor to DS and DSi game Style Savvy. Players with broadband Internet access will soon be able to download five designs from Beyonce's real-life clothing line, Deréon, and use them in the game.  

Style Savvy is all about creativity and fashion, both of which are really important to me,” says Beyoncé in a press statement. “I love that I get to become a stylist and take over my own boutique, and it’s so much fun to see some of my Deréon designs added to the mix.”

Yeah, Style Savvy is a game about fashion, but shut up; It's awesome. Or so says X-Play's Abbie Heppe, and I promise she's more hardcore than you are. Just check out Heppe's rave in the video below:

Style Savvy Review with Abbie Heppe »

Maybe it's the cute accent over the "E" in her name, but, I think Beyoncé is the among the most interesting, beautiful women in the entertainment industry. I realize my taste in ladies is regarded as "crazy" or "wild" by some, so I welcome your opinion in our comment section about Beyoncé, Style Savvy, or really anything.

Beyonce And Nintendo Get "Style Savvy"