James Cameron Strikes Back At Halo Fans Criticizing Avatar


Posted January 12, 2010 - By pklepek

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Are you a Halo fan? Have you seen Avatar? You're going to want to pay attention to director James Cameron's response to my question about the influence Aliens had on Halo and vice versa.

One of the common responses to the first trailer for Cameron's Avatar was "whoa, that looks like Halo." Of course, moments later, most people realized Halo was deeply inspired by Cameron's own Aliens and Cameron was simply riffing on a style he invented. Bungie has admitted the influence numerous times.

"The funniest thing is when some of the so-called fanboys get up trashing Avatar for looking too much like Halo,"  he laughed during a recent interview with me that aired on X-Play. "It's like...pay attention. If I'm referencing anything, I'm referencing the source work for Halo, which is my own stuff. So I get to do that. Nobody else gets to do that, but I get to do that. My rule, anyway."

Based on his response, there's no doubt those comments ruffled Cameron's feathers a bit, but since he was laughing and smiling while describing the influence his movies have had on games like Halo, he seems over it. It's not featured in the X-Play segment (look for the rest of the interview soon), but Cameron also underscored his appreciation for his work entering into the "cultural zeitgeist."

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James Cameron Strikes Back At Halo Fans Criticizing Avatar


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