X-Play's 1000th Episode Coming Soon... In HD!


Posted January 11, 2010 - By Stephen Johnson

X-Play 1000 

G4's X-Play is turning one thousand! On February 1, television’s longest running video game series will air its 1,000th episode, so we're celebrating with a show jam-packed with awesome: Hosts Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb will present a retrospective of the series’ greatest moments, there will be appearances by game industry luminaries, and much more.

The 1,000th episode will also mark the launch of X-Play in high-definition (where G4 HD is available). The six-hour celebration begins with a "Best of X-Play" marathon on Feb. 1 at 1PM ET/PT, leading into a special one-hour "X-Play 1000th” special at 6PM ET/PT, only on G4. Beginning today, Monday, January 11 you can vote for your ten X-Play favorite episodes to be shown in the five-hour, 10-episode “Best of X-Play” marathon.

The roster of 1,000th episode special appearances include:

  • Will Wright, Creator of The Sims
  • Cliff Bleszinski, Founder of Epic Games and Creator of Gears of War
  • Todd Howard, Executive Producer and Designer for Bethesda Softworks
  • Tim Schafer, Founder of Double Fine Productions
  • Ted Price, President and CEO of Insomniac Games


  • Brand new comedy from a surprise guest
  • X-Play’s most brutal game reviews
  • The first X-Play episode with Adam and Morgan, and Morgan's first television appearance on The Screen Savers.
  • Adam Sessler’s first appearances on Gamespot TV and Extended Play
  • An homage to Morgan’s many hair styles
  • Where are they now? Featuring X-Play’s most beloved characters

Check it out on Feb. 1 at 6PM ET/PT, only on G4.

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X-Play's 1000th Episode Coming Soon... In HD!


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