2K Boston Now (Once Again) Known As Irrational Games

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Posted January 11, 2010 - By Jake Gaskill

2K Boston Now (Once Again) Named Irrational GamesBioShock developer 2K Boston has revealed to Game Informer that the company will be dropping its current name, which was applied after the company was acquired by Take-Two, in favor of its previous one, Irrational Games.

For most gamers, the new/old name brings back memories of the developer's acclaimed horror shooter System Shock 2, and that's exactly the point. Although, the developer says the name change isn’t some nostalgic ploy, but rather a way to reconnect with loyal fans and give their future projects a clear creative identity.

Currently, the new Irrational Games site is counting down to tomorrow morning, when the site is expected to go live with all kinds of community features, development discussions and more.

Source: Game Informer

2K Boston Now (Once Again) Known As Irrational Games