Updated Super Street Fighter IV Impressions - Ultra II's In The House!!


Posted January 8, 2010 - By bleahy

My favorite part of CES 2010 is the fact that Super Street Fighter IV is playable. I've managed to put a good amount of time in with the game at this point so I think it's ready for some impressions. Won't you join me?

Before we get going, however, how about you watch all of the great video I shot off the screen at Capcom's SSFIV Fight Club last night?

CES Super Street Fighter IV Fight Club Part 1 »

For 2 more videos (35 minutes of footage!), check out this blog post… all caught up? Good!

Revealed at CES 2010, every character will be able to select from two different Ultra Combos. A lot of these are situational or useful for specific match-ups. Blanka, for example, has a new 2-in-1 Ultra, with one version that can be used as an anti-air/anti-cross-up and the other used for countering fullscreen fireballs. Chun-Li grabbed a non-charge fireball Ultra that can easily be setup after an EX Lightning Legs, which should help her rise up the tier list a bit.

Balrog has gained a 720-degree command throw Ultra, but I don't know where I stand on that yet. I primarily play Balrog so I have a vested interest in this. Zangief has one of the hardest Ultra setups in the game and Balrog's new attack uses the same motion. This means the new Ultra has to be buffered in a jump, Focus Attack, or on a whiffed dash punch. Compare this to Balrog's original Ultra, which is one of the easiest to hit in the game. The grab also has some start-up, so quick players can easily jump away, unlike Zangief's.

For more impressions, including how the new characters stack up and gameplay details on Ryu's awesome new Metsu Shoryuken Ultra, click the break.

Super Street Fighter IV New Features Trailer »

Ryu's Ultra, while flashy, isn't quite as useful as his old one. The damage is about the same off of a Focus Attack Dash Canceled Dragon Punch and the Hadoken is a bit better for chip damage. That's the beauty of the metagame, though. I'm sure once Super Street Fighter IV is out in the wild long enough, players far more skilled than I will figure out exciting new ways to use all of the new Ultra combos.

The new characters are nice, but some of them are currently a bit underpowered. Others, like T. Hawk seem extremely potent. Adon is a bit lacking right now, but Cody and Juri are early favorites among the newcomers. Dee Jay is a bit weaker now that his EX Dread Kick doesn't crumple, which used to be his easiest Ultra setup. Hopefully, the final four characters will be revealed shortly so we can dig into their movesets.

Overall, Super Street Fighter IV is already looking great. The new Ultras mix up a lot of the match-ups and new characters will find their way into the tier list as players pick them up. Keep checking back for more on Super Street Fighter IV as 2010 continues.

Updated Super Street Fighter IV Impressions - Ultra II's In The House!!


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