Gears Of War 2 Hands-On...In 3D!


Posted January 8, 2010 - By pklepek

Gears Of War 2 Hands-On...In 3D!

It doesn't take long to become numb while walking around CES. The sheer number of electronics vying for your attention quickly turns your brain to mush. But I quickly snapped to attention when roaming the Samsung booth and noticed Gears of War 2 running...in 3D!

Of course, it's not the first game I've seen in 3D, nor was the Gears of War 2 demo specifically engineered to be presented in 3D. Samsung was showing off an internal HDTV technology that can automatically take any picture and create a basic sense of 3D from it. It'd technically work on any Xbox 360 game they popped in, but Gears of War 2 made for a pretty showcase.

Did it add anything to the experience? Not really. Because the 3D wasn't tailored to Gears of War 2, whenever my character hunched down to start running, my world blurred and nausea started to set in. The moments where I was simply walking around the environment or taking out an enemy or two proved better examples of what added depth could bring to video games.

In other words: it wasn't convincing enough to create any real desire for Gears of War 3D.

The guy playing before me was impressed, though. After pulling off a tricky headshot, he handed the controller over to me and dialed a friend on his cell phone.

"Dude, I just did a headshot in 3D," said the stranger.

He does have a point. That is pretty cool.

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Gears Of War 2 Hands-On...In 3D!


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