Reply to All: Getting the Led Out, Chocolate Chip Grilled Cheese, and WAAAAAAAAAAAALT!


Posted January 8, 2010 - By Andrew Pfister

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Reply to All: The G4tv.com Community Mailbag

Long period of time where the mailbag disappeared? What long period of time where the mailbag disappeared? Why, I don't know what you're talking about! If you could present some sort of evidence that this weekly feature went away without any explanation, I'd be happy to have a loo--what's that? Oh right, the search engine...well, you see LOOK OVER THERE AT THOSE LETTERS!

Arrow RightWho would win in a voice-off, Nolan North or Steve Blum? -- JTHMROCKS

Right ArrowI like this question, if only because it made me look up Steve Blum’s resume and realize that he’s been in every video game and English anime dub ever created. Both of these guys are going into the Voice Acting Hall of Fame when all is said and done, but for now, I’m going to give the edge to Steve just because he seems a bit more versatile -- and he wasn’t the lead voice in every game from 2009.

And now I’m thinking that an actual voice-off needs to happen:

Range: Participants must sing classic Barry White and early 90s era Mariah Carey to test the low and high limits of their vocal capabilities. Waveform comparisons will be used to determine the winner.

Versatility: A vocal game of “Horse,” where each participant performs a character or impersonation, and the other must do that voice to the satisfaction of a panel of judges.

Endurance: Each participant must re-create U.S. Senator Huey Long’s famous 1935 filibuster regarding the National Recovery Act. First one to take a bathroom break loses.

Performance: Karaoke, because it’s always time for karaoke.

Arrow RightWhat are the odds of seeing Half Life 2: Episode 3 in 2010? -- Thundrone

Right ArrowAlyxIn Valve We Trust and all that, but like waiting for a pretty girl to show up to your first date, there’s a point where “fevered anticipation” turns into “okay, I’m starting to get worried.” Let’s look at the timeline:

Half-Life 2: November 2004
Half-Life 2: Episode 1: June 2006 (~1.5 years)
Half-Life 2: Episode 2: October 2007 (~1.5 years)
Half-Life 2: Episode 3: ??? 2010 (between 2-3 years)

In my heart of hearts, I believe that the larger gap in time can be attributed to Valve really blowing out Episode 3 as Gordon’s grand finale, and probably some residual distractions caused by Left 4 Dead, Team Fortress 2 updates, and running Steam.

Don’t worry, she’ll show up. (But if we don’t hear anything by E3, I’m calling to check in.)

Arrow RightI'm a huge fan of Fumito Ueda's games and heard recently that Sony might be re-releasing Ico and Shadow of the Colossus on the PS3 (in God of War Collection fashion). Is there any truth to this? -- Johnny

Right ArrowThere’s nothing confirmed regarding Ueda remakes, but we’re going to keep promoting the idea and hope that someone at Sony takes notice. Adam Sessler and Matt Keil, among many others in the office, want to see this happen. And if I had to pick two games that were ahead of their time on the PS2, they’d be Killzone and Shadow of the Colossus.

BayonettaArrow RightFirst off, long time fan of the show love all the hard work you guys do for reviews and everything you guys do for the show and the site. The first reason I wanted to send you all an email was the newest Real Life Achievements skit, the Browns Fan achievement really hit home as someone that's lived in the Cleveland area his whole life.

The other thing was every year for Christmas I preorder one new release from the beginning of the new year. Last year's game was Street Fighter IV, this year I was thinking about doing Bayonetta. Is that a choice or should I go for something else from the giant release window of the first quarter? --
Jose C.

Right ArrowDid you see me get stabbed in that video? Morgan totally stabbed me. Secret production notes: that was our third take, but I was prepared to keep going until we got it “right.” That dedication is starting to pay off, as they brought me in to record voice over of someone getting stabbed, shot, and generally beat up for an upcoming comedy bit. Any time someone needs to die on X-Play, I’m their man.

If you’re looking at the first three months of this year, picking just one game is an impossible task. Best I can do for you is give you the two from each month that are at the top of my “won’t miss” list:

January: Bayonetta, Mass Effect 2
February: BioShock 2, Splinter Cell: Conviction
March: MLB 10: The Show, Final Fantasy XIII

This year is going to be absurd.

Arrow RightI mentioned this on the Feedback episode talking about Green Day: Rock Band, but I'm pretty sure it got lost in the shuffle, so here it is again: When the hell are we gonna see Led Zeppelin: Rock Band? -- nel e nel

Right ArrowProbably not until the unfortunate day Jimmy Page shuffles off this mortal coil and someone who’s interested in putting Led Zeppelin in playable form gets control of the master recordings. Harmonix and Activision have been trying for years, but Page doesn’t seem willing to budge on the masters issue, and really, he doesn’t seem to understand the idea behind the games. There’s a quote from last year that drives that home:

"You think of the drum part that John Bonham did on Led Zeppelin's first track on the first album, 'Good Times Bad Times'," he said. "How many drummers in the world can play that part, let alone on Christmas morning?" 

Well, none, probably. But how many guitarists can pull off “Through the Fire and Flames” in real life? Not too many, but that didn’t stop people from putting up YouTube videos of their attempts in Guitar Hero III. I’m all for getting kids interested in real instruments, but games and Gibsons don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

Jimmy Page

I'm old.

Arrow RightRecipe for an awesome sandwich:

Butter one side of two pieces of bread.
Add slices of cheddar jack cheese to non-buttered side of one slice.
Top with chocolate chips.
Place second piece of bread, butter out, on top.
Grill in frying-pan or Foreman Grill on medium low until golden and delicious.

Also, what do you think about Bayonetta being $54.99 instead of $59.99? --

Right ArrowThis is a pretty fancy way of describing a grilled cheese sandwich with chocolate chips on it. Does that mean you put whipped cream in the tomato soup? Take that extra $5 you save from Bayonetta and put it toward this.

(…yes, I’m still going to try it.)


Right ArrowOver the last month, I’ve been working my way through the first five seasons of Lost…perhaps my favorite television show of all time. (Between me and Patrick, you’re going to see a lot of Lost references on TheFeed in the coming months). It’s pretty amazing going back through the first two seasons -- the extent of my progress so far -- and watching them in the context of all the crazy that happens in Seasons 3-5 (Hurley makes a seemingly innocuous time travel joke to Sayid in the middle of season 2 that makes you go “Hmm…”), but it also reminded me of how incredibly annoying some of the characters were back then. So in yesterday’s question thread, I posed the following hypothetical dilemma: if you had to be stuck on a raft with either Michael, Claire (and Aaron), or Ana-Lucia…who would you pick?


I'm moody and nobody likes me.

Arrow RightIt's a toss-up between Claire and Ana-Lucia. If I had to listen to Michael whine for even one second, I'd have to throw him off the boat/raft/whatever. -- drh1975

Arrow RightI would take Claire. I HATE Ana-Lucia. She is the third worst character on Lost, Nikki and Paulo are the first two. Michael would okay but I would want to know about Walt. Michael knows little about Walt. Also it depends on what season/episode I take them on the raft with me. However with Claire, I just ignore her words and just look at her. -- jedimasterchief9

This would be in the midst of season 2, at the height of Michael’s loose cannon antics, Claire’s hysterical baby paranoia, and Ana-Lucia’s “everybody hates me” self-loathing. Which means it’s also before we meet Nikki and Paulo, but that situation eventually sorts itself out.

Arrow RightAndrew. Huge Lost fan so I'll respond to that. Obviously you can't take Michael. I mean he has totally proven he cannot be trusted and besides he would spend the whole time whining about his kid and yelling WAAALLLLLTTT over and over again. Although he did build the raft. You can't bring Claire. She is a total sweetheart but once that lil baby Aaron pops out the raft gets much more noisy, messy and crowded. The only real choice (of those you offered) is Ana Lucia. She is quiet, independent and has proven that she is totally down for a little jungle love!

Can you put Juliet on the list though? I think she is super hot and her character totally came into her own in this fifth season. -- Sheinberg

Agreed, which is why Juliet’s on a…different…list.

My choice for raft mate? Begrudgingly, and despite my anti-Michelle Rodriguez bias, it’d be Ana-Lucia. She’s quiet, won’t ask any personal questions, and since there are no guns on the raft (one of the hypothetical conditions), her attempts to kill me in my sleep would be kept to a bare minimum. Claire is certainly more attractive, but having a baby around sort of deflates any romantic vibes. That, and the first sign of danger would trigger the hysterics. And yeah, you just can’t trust Michael, who’s far and away the most irrational character -- no small feat in a show about smoke monsters and time-traveling islands. You could fight off 100 hostiles, get shot five times, lose your arm, bring Walt back to him with witnesses, and he’d still think you were out to get HIS SON. HIS BOY

But you know who really is the most annoying character on Lost? The attorney who represents Michael’s wife in the custody hearing flashback from season 2’s “Adrift.” I imagine the director’s instructions to have been “That take was great, Jeanetta, but maybe this time you could be a little more, I dunno, hateable? What we really want is to make the audience want to kill you in cold blood if they ever saw you walking down the street.” Which is probably the same direction they gave Danny Pickett (Sawyer’s nemesis in season 3).

Sheinberg also asked for my top 5 characters, but I really need to think about that carefully...I’ll get back to you.

Danny Pickett

I'm a big jerk.

Arrow RightIf you could choose between a year long all-you-can-eat free pass to the Korean BBQ taco truck or a lifetime of Xbox Live, what would you pick? Also, which one will make you more fat? -- Sterling McGarvey

Right ArrowThis requires a little elaboration for readers unfamiliar with the LA food scene. When we moved down here to G4 last summer, we arrived in the beginning of the food truck phenomenon -- mobile eateries that are either independent or based on brick & mortar restaurants in the area, which take advantage of the areas of LA that are deprived of viable lunch options (like our building). This lead to the Great Food Truck War of 2009, which I shall write about another time.

The undisputed king of these trucks is Kogi BBQ, which offers sumptuous Korean barbecue fused with Mexican panache. Since in this hypothetical the Kogi truck would be accessible at any time I desire, I would certainly eat well over $50 worth of Blackjack Quesadillas over the course of a year. Sorry, Xbox Live (you should sort of be free, anyway). As to which one would pack on more pounds? As long as my avatar wears vertical stripes and slimming colors, nobody has to know…

Kogi BBQ

I'm delicious.

Arrow RightHi there, first time listener, first time e-mailer.

Let's just get down to the nitty-gritty. There is this girl I really like, right? I have been infatuated (in love?) with her for about a year now. I have been on dates with other girls, even went steady with a girl for a couple months. However, none of it felt right. None of it compared with the time I spend with [name redacted] (the girl, obviously). I get to spend time with her only because we are friends, and she sees nothing romantic in me. She used to though, I know that for sure. I wouldn't want anything to change, I love hanging out with her the way we are now, but I just want to be able to shout to the world, "I HAVE A SPECIAL BOND!" Or at LEAST have her recognize my feelings for her. I just love playing Pokemon with her. I love it that whenever she loses to me, she tickles me. I love how we can watch the TV show Weeds together and never feel awkward. I feel as if we act like we are dating, but we aren't. And it is kinda painful.

BUT I DIGRESS. What I wanted to know is: Are Vikings pirates? I mean, they look like pirates. They eat like pirates. They pillage like pirates. What do you call that? My friend INSISTS that they aren't, but I think he is wrong. Your opinion? --
Mark N.

Right ArrowAll Vikings are pirates, but not all pirates are Vikings.



I'm a bit confused.


Arrow RightSubject: My AOL stationery

Every time I click my selected picture on my stationery list it does not give me a whole background.  It instead lets me drag the whole picture onto the message area and only appears as a single picture.  I have tried doing it several ways and it still does not give me a whole stationery background.
Is the trouble with my AOL server?=

Right ArrowWhat world wide web are you running, Netscape or the Apple? The Apple has trouble sometimes downloading stationery and the chat rooms, so you might want to call up Packard Bell and see if they can send you a new disc. If that doesn’t work, bring it into your local Computer City and have the nice high school kids take a look at it. The $59.97 flat rate they charge is pretty reasonable.

But just between you and me, it might be time switch over to CompuServe.

-- Webmaster

*  *  *

Next time: More Lost, “What’s going on with this game I’m interested in?”, critiques of my Plan for Surviving an Apocalypse, and the results of the chocolate-chip grilled cheese.

Send your correspondence to waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalt@g4tv.com (or webmaster@g4tv.com).

Reply to All: Getting the Led Out, Chocolate Chip Grilled Cheese, and WAAAAAAAAAAAALT!


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