Fat Princess Gains A Finger, Release In Japan


Posted December 23, 2009 - By Stephen Johnson

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Fat Princess Gains A Finger, Release In Japan

The Japanese are finally going to get a chance to play PlayStation 3 downloadable title Fat Princess. The game comes out on December 25th, and apparently hews pretty closely to the Western release, with one notable difference: All the characters in the game will have five fingers instead of four. Take a look at the art above and count the digits.

In Japan, portraying human characters with four fingers instead of five is a cultural taboo. Apparently, four-fingered cartoons are offensive to some Japanese people because:

  • The Yakuza have a tradition where fingers (or parts thereof) are offered as apologies. The Yakuza are serious business.
  • The lower class in old Japan (The burakumin) were often dissed by the display of four fingers. It symbolizes the four-legged animals they were forced to tend. This all went down hundreds of years ago, but is still offensive to some people today.
  • The number 4 in Japanese, shi, also means death. So some people in Japan don't like to arrange things in groups of four.

So some combination of all these superstitions/cultural artifacts adds up to characters with four fingers being strongly discouraged in Japanese popular cutlure... except in some cases, where it's okay: The four-fingered Simpsons are popular in Japan, for example.

If all this seems confusing and silly to you, you are not alone, but don't think hard-to-understand cultural offenses are a Japanese thing -- try explaining to a person from Norway why white people appearing in "black-face" for entertainment purposes is offensive, but not when it's done on, say, The Chappelle Show, or in the movie Tropic Thunder and you'll be met with a blank-stare.

Now that we're finished with the culture lesson, I have a confession to make: I only posted this story because I wanted to sum it up in the following headline:

  • "Fat Princess Gets Fingered For Christmas Release!"

Source: Andria Sang

Fat Princess Gains A Finger, Release In Japan


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