PETA Creates Video Game To Draw Attention To Seal Hunting


Posted December 22, 2009 - By Stephen Johnson

PETA Creates Video Game To Draw Attention To Seal Hunting

As you probably know, Nature is awful. Judging from my house cat, animals seem to have clear goals: To murder humans. But People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has a different view; PETA sees animals as a precious natural resource we must protect and nurture, instead of as threat that must be constantly monitored and destroyed in order that we not be killed in our sleep by roving gangs of knife-wielding orangutan.

Unlike my cat, though, baby seals have never tried to kill me. They just hang out in Canada and look cute until hunters come along and club them for their pelts. As much as I oppose the generally murderous aims of the animal kingdom, I begrudgingly admit that people should probably stick to faux-fur and leave the baby seals alone. Surely animals so adorable can't be plotting my demise.

PETA agrees with me, but they are actually doing something about it, and have released Seal Slalom an internet flash game to bring attention to seal-slaughter. In the game, an adorable baby seal attempts to slide down a mountain while avoiding trees and the bad, bad people who want to club it and take its valuable pelt.

Before you visit the website and give it a try, be aware of two things: 1) You can't play as the seal-clubbers. 2) Running into the seal-clubbers' clubs does not result in horrifying violence and crimson baby-seal-blood on the snow. In fact, there doesn't seem to be any way to hurt the baby seal in the game at all, which seems a little counter-productive to PETA's aims. But hey, give it a try anyway. What else do you have to do today?

Source: PETA (Via GamePolitics)

PETA Creates Video Game To Draw Attention To Seal Hunting


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