Feedback: Our Favorite Games From The Past Decade Edition


Posted December 24, 2009 - By pklepek

When this decade started, I was, uh, 14. What happened? Almost ten years have passed by, as it turns out. With 2009 inching towards the finish line, the Feedback crew headed into the studio to discuss their favorite games to the past decade. It's an episode packed with nostalgia, as Adam Sessler, myself, Rob Manuel and Abbie Heppe try desperately to convince ourselves some games are still good (when they probably aren't anymore). 

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In this episode of Feedback...

  • Adam and I share a tender moment discussing the impact of Warren Spector's Deus Ex and conveniently avoid talking about how much of a disappointment the sequel turned out to be.
  • It becomes clear Abbie has a massive crush on Metroid Prime.
  • We track the rise of the multiplayer game (or, to be more precise, the rise of the online multiplayer game) through a discussion about Halo that makes Adam feel old.
  • Uh, we love Psychonauts. A lot.

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Feedback: Our Favorite Games From The Past Decade Edition