Soldiers Battle Demomen For Bonus Weapon In Team Fortress 2 Kill-Off


Posted December 11, 2009 - By Jake Gaskill

Soldiers Battle Demomen For Bonus Weapon In Team Fortress 2 Kill-Off

If you’re a diehard fan of Valve’s class-based shooter-vaganza Team Fortress 2, and you tend to lean towards either the Soldier or the Demoman, then you know that your classes of choice are currently at war.

What’s all the fighting about? Why, the game’s latest update of course, and one super secret killing device that will soon be handed over to one of the two classes. See, each of these classes will be receiving three new weapons in a new update, but Valve is currently holding a kill-off to determine which class will receive a mysterious seventh new weapon. So whenever a Soldier kills a Demoman, or vice versa, that kill is registered, and whichever side ends up with the most kills by the end of the warring period, wins!

According to the official Team Fortress blog, the current death totals sit at 1,290,988 Soldiers killed and 1,390,017 Demos killed. What’s even crazier is that those 2.6-plus million kills were achieved in around 16 hours. It isn’t clear when the war will end, but if you’re a Demo fan, you might want to lend your hand to the fight as soon as possible.

Which class do you normally favor? Are you currently taking part in the war?

Soldiers Battle Demomen For Bonus Weapon In Team Fortress 2 Kill-Off


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