Dante's Inferno Producer Knows Sequel Would Be Difficult, Awaits Challenge


Posted December 11, 2009 - By pklepek

Dante's Inferno Producer Knows Sequel Would Be Difficult, Awaits Challenge

Especially as of late, Electronic Arts is a company in search of blockbuster hits. Despite some questionable marketing, buzz seems good for the upcoming Dante's Inferno. It might not be the most faithful interactive adaptation, but even if you're not looking forward to a bloodied take on The Divine Comedy, at least once the game's been released, that's the end of Dante's adventure, right?

Maybe not.

I posed the question of a sequel to executive producer Jonathan Knight at a recent hands-on demo in Los Angeles, just days before the playable demo goes online. He didn't shy away from acknowledging the challenge in producing another one. For example: there's no second descent into Hell. Dante's Inferno is based on The Divine Comedy's first act, Inferno, but the other stories, Purgatorio and Paradiso, seem unlikely candidates for a game.

"That is a problem I hope to have to solve by earning the right to do a follow up," said Knight.

Right now, the team at Visceral Games (who is also working on the recently announced Dead Space 2) is focused on finishing up Dante's Inferno. Sequel talk is being kept to a minimum.

"This [completing development on Dante's Inferno] is just totally what our focus is," said Knight, "and then we're gonna [finish] around the holidays and then everybody's gonna take a long break and we're gonna see if people respond well to it in February -- which I think they will."

But Knight knows if Dante's Inferno proves a commercial success, EA will want a sequel.

"That's a problem I'd like to have and if we're lucky enough to solve it, we'll go about solving it," he said.

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Dante's Inferno Producer Knows Sequel Would Be Difficult, Awaits Challenge


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