Adam Sessler & Abbie Heppe's Five Recommended Games From 2009


Posted December 14, 2009 - By Andrew Pfister

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It turned out to be quite the interesting year, didn't it? Even though a batch of games got pushed back to next year, 2009 still had a pretty impressive roster of titles. The obvious ones we've already covered, but we wanted to break down our favorites from the year on a more personal level. All this week we'll be featuring G4tv.com and X-Play staffers' picks from 2009 -- whether they were the best games we've played, the most interesting, or the most under-the-radar, these are the ones that stuck with us the most.

Click here for our official Best of 2009 nominees, and tune in to X-Play on Tuesday, December 15 to find out who won!

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Adam Sessler -- The Lone Gamer

Through a mixture of only having single-player games when I grew up and now having a thoroughly unreliable schedule I tend to gravitate toward games that are just me, the console, and my profanity. Looking at this list, I also realize that I favored games that satisfied gaming desires that are harder and harder to placate.

1. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Kinda backed myself into this one when I said that it was the best single-player game I had ever played. Still believe it. I’ve now played through again and the game still produces action set pieces that are what I had to invent in my head when I play other games. A joy to play and a thrilling refinement of the genre.

2. Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time

Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time

I love platformers and the Ratchet series has been my sole refuge for the forgotten genre. Regardless, Insomniac outdid themselves with this installment, producing a challenging game that blows me away with the thoughtfulness of the storytelling and visuals that allow me to feel lost in the cartoons of my youth.

3. Borderlands


Yeah, I know I said I like to play alone and the game is a phenomenal experience with others, but what compels me above all else is just how damn good the guns feel in the game. It brings me back to playing any shooter that crossed my PC back in the old days just for the visceral joy. Here, those urges are satisfied ten-fold and amidst an art style that feels like the Best Ralph Bakshi film never made.

4. Shadow Complex

Shadow Complex

Man I forgot how I missed games like this until I played it. My love of exploring a game environment I based on a child-like fixation on mystery and discovery, and given how many nooks and crannies are littered about this title, I almost turned in my review late because I had…to find…everything.

5. Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age: Origins

I miss Baldur’s Gate, I miss sitting at my PC for countless hours fiddling around with loot, combat placement and getting lost in the small details. This game is like a banquet of every comfort food I like, cooked to perfection.

Abbie Heppe -- Under the Radar

I love the games in our “Best Of” short lists and most need no further endorsement (they already occupy most of my waking hours) so here’s my list of awesome -- and affordable! -- games from 2009 that didn’t make it into our nominees:

1. 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand

50 Cent: Blood on the Sand

No, this is not like the first 50 Cent game. It’s a very fast paced, over-the-top arcadey shooter that borrows its core gameplay from The Club. Incredibly replayable and offering a fresh take on the sometimes stale shooter genre, Blood on the Sand deserves far more respect that people want to give it.

2. Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection

Pinball Hall of Fame: Williams Collection

If you are a pinball enthusiast like I am, you’ll notice that PHOF has the most faithful recreations of classic pinball cabinets with sound, style and feel that is, I daresay, perfect. For the love of games, please buy this one that they can make more and perhaps include licensed cabinets in the next iteration.

3. Style Savvy

Style Savvy

Style Savvy is the game that needs to come bundled with Modern Warfare 2. Pick this up for a wife or girlfriend now and you’ll thank me for the extra hours you get to slaughter people online later. A quirky and detailed take on running a fashion boutique, it defies being another guilty pleasure by just being so damn fun. 

4. House of the Dead: Overkill

House of the Dead: Overkill

Det. Isaac Washington has to be one of my favorite new characters this year and the dialogue and campy grindhouse feel of HOTD is spot on. The downside is that Wii graphics (quite literally) muddy up this exceptional railed shooter, but I wouldn’t let that stand in the way of playing this game. (Grossest. Final boss. Ever.) 

5. Droplitz


It’s easy to overlook how satisfying the most simple games can be (Minesweeper anyone? Solitaire? Peggle?), and the simplest and sweetest one that sparked my interest this year was Droplitz, Atlus’ first downloadable title for PSN and XBLA. You have to create pathways to steer rapidly falling droplets through the pipeline before they run out, and before you know it, it’s 4 AM and you aren’t sure if you’ve playing for hours or maybe days but dammit, there are still more things to unlock so you power through it.

Adam Sessler & Abbie Heppe's Five Recommended Games From 2009


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