What To Expect From Today's Playable Demo Of Dante's Inferno


Posted December 10, 2009 - By pklepek

What To Expect From Today's Playable Demo Of Dante's Inferno

Soon, a playable demo for Dante's Inferno will be available on PlayStation Network. The same demo will also arrive slightly later on Xbox Live on December 24. You know, just in time for Christmas.

I've already played through the demo, a slice that's a decidedly different approach from the trial approach of other games. Electronic Arts and Visceral Games quite literally ripped the start of Dante's Inferno and uploaded the first 20 minutes to the Internet. It doesn't delve very far into the game, but it introduces enough to provide a sense of what Dante's Inferno all about. Here's what you can expect:

The demo introduces the main character, Dante, but appears to make no overt references to the literary work the developers have trumpeted being inspired by. Perhaps this comes later, but more likely, I'm guessing that connection will remain a nod to those already aware of the work, not newcomers. In any case, the demo quickly showcases Dante's struggles with morality at the hands of the church. Innocents are sent to the slaughter, but so long as it's in the name of God, it's okay, right?

Dante's eventually caught off guard by a sly knife and encounters the fate none of us can escape: Death. It's with a capital "D" because it's a literal representation of the concept, not unlike, well, Castlevania. In fact, when the world spins off into a galactic vortex and Dante's forced to face off against Death in scythe-to-scythe combat, it feels like bizarro world 3D Castelvania (a pretty good one, at that).

The rest does what a demo's supposed to do and guides through the basic aspects of combat, which hopefully you enjoy, because it's what you'll be focusing for the vast majority of Dante's Inferno. Like I said, the temporary journey lasts a little under 20 minutes. It'll depend on on how many times you fall to your death when the game remove platforms from underneath Dante without much warning.

Oh, and there are boobs, too. Boobs!

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What To Expect From Today's Playable Demo Of Dante's Inferno


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