Peter Molyneux Interested In Revisiting Populous, Sky Is Blue


Posted December 10, 2009 - By Jake Gaskill

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Peter Molyneux Interested In Revisiting Populous, Sky Is BlueIn “That’s Surprising to No One” news, Fable creator Peter Molyneux has expressed interest in revisiting one of his most acclaimed titles, Populous.

"I think Populous probably would be the one that would be the most amazing to do a sequel for," Molyneux recently told Now Gamer.

Developer Bullfrog actually went on to make two more Populous games, the last one being Populous: The Beginning in 1998, so clearly Molyneux means a next-gen sequel or maybe even one of them fancy “reimaginings” that are so popular these days.

And while you might think that when Molyneux finally does decide to do something with Populous that he’ll sell it as the most ambitious piece of entertainment in the history of history, but he says that we can expect a more tempered Molyneux in the future.

"The real big rules now are; whenever I talk about a game feature I’m going to show it and be honest about it. And if it is an experiment I’ll call it an experiment; I won’t call it a game feature."

But whining about the false promises of Lionhead Studios’ games is a cherished tradition among gamers. Are we really ready for a Molyneux game that delivers on nearly everything it promises? I honestly don’t know.

Source: Now Gamer

Peter Molyneux Interested In Revisiting Populous, Sky Is Blue


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