Assassin's Creed II Patch Releasing Today


Posted December 9, 2009 - By Jake Gaskill

Assassin's Creed II Patch Releasing Today

It’s fitting that news of an Assassin’s Creed II patch would come a day after I inexplicably broke the game after running into a section of a wall caused me to fall into invisible water beneath Florence. While it was definitely interesting to see the game’s underlying architecture in that form, I’m also pleased to know that I’ll now be able to avoid some of the more severe glitches that many players have come across later on in the game.

Ubisoft posted details about the patch, which releases today for PlayStation 3 and Friday for Xbox 360, on their official Assassin’s Creed II forum. If you want to avoid potential spoilers, then I suggest skipping over the second section since it highlights mission specific patch fixes.

  • Situation specific bugs:
    • Glyph - After the player has resolved a glyph (when the unlock code message appears), if the player presses A and B (for 360, X and O on PS3) repeatedly and quickly, the video will appear in full screen, and he will get stuck in "the truth menu".
    • Fast Travel - Some feedback states that Ezio loses the ability to interact with the fast travel stations.
    • Free roaming/Parkour - In extremely rare occasions a bug allows Ezio to walk on air.
    • Auditore Cape - When first equipping or re-equipping the Auditore cape, users in the Villa become notorious even if the cape description says otherwise.
    • Altair’s armor - While wearing Altair's armor the game crashes when performing multiple consecutive double assassinations.
    • Toscana - The game occasionally crashes if the player dies in Toscana, the player is stuck in the animus loading screen.
    • Water - Ezio and NPCs may get stuck beneath map if pushed in water.
    • Animus Loading Screen - There were reports of the game crashing while the player is in the Animus loading screen.

Click through to see mission specific bug fixes, but beware of spoilers!

  • Fixed: Mission specific issues:
    • Sequence 05 Mission 01 - The game froze after completing the mission and following certain steps.
    • Sequence 06 Mission 02 - An extremely rare issue could make the game freeze while Ezio is fighting the guards.
    • Sequence 07 Mission 02 - Sometimes the civilians knocked down by Rosa could “float”.
    • Sequence 07 Mission 07 - When the user is in an open conflict, under specific situations the game crashed.
    • Sequence 08 "Venezia" - If a player desynchronises during the flying machine sequence, the player sometimes spawned near Leo's workshop and not on the tower.
    • Secret Location: "Vizitatione" - The user remains stuck after locking onto the agile guard with the gun.
    • Sequence 11 Mission 05 - The user cannot continue gameplay after quitting and loading the game. They are stuck in the hideout.
    • Sequence 14 Mission 02 - The user falls through the texture if he is hit with rocks by the guards while climbing
  • Sound enhancement:
    • 5.1 LPCM support

Have you come across any of the glitches mentioned by Ubisoft? Any glitches you've found that aren't on these lists?

Assassin's Creed II Patch Releasing Today


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