Mass Effect 2 Producer Believes Developers Are "Pampering" Modern Gamers


Posted December 4, 2009 - By Jake Gaskill

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Mass Effect 2

According to Mass Effect 2 producer Adrien Cho, the gaming sensibilities and perspectives of modern gamers have shifted dramatically this generation, and as a result, gamers have become used to being “pampered” by developers.

“Just recently, a game like Demon Souls is fantastic because when you die, and you fail, it’s not because the game was cheap. It’s usually because you didn’t do something properly,” Cho told Video Games Daily to demonstrate the kind of experience that isn't being offered to gamers as frequently as perhaps it should.

Cho went on to defend gamers though, saying, “I think gamers want a more sophisticated game, they don’t want a breezy game where you see all the cinematics and just put in your hours and play it through.” And that’s why you can expect to be reloading recent save games fairly regularly in Mass Effect 2.

But challenge is just part of the equation, because without meaningful consequences to accompany those challenges, what’s the point? To that end, Cho said that ME2 will feature “some serious consequences. Delicious consequences! You’ll have to play to find out."

I never got around to playing Mass Effect, so I can’t comment on the game’s difficulty curve. In fact, the most common complaints that I heard were related to elevator rides and vehicle controls. But if any of you have an opinion about the game’s difficulty, I’m all ears.

Source: Video Games Daily

Mass Effect 2 Producer Believes Developers Are "Pampering" Modern Gamers