Dragon Age Origins: The Soundtrack Album Review


Posted December 12, 2009 - By Rick Damigella

A video game based in an epic world of fantasy, elves and dragons requires a very special type of music to propel it, with a specific sound, feeling and even a bit of magic to it. EA has just released the soundtrack album for Dragon Age: Origins. Does this popular RPG have that magic in its music? We spun the album to find out and even have a pair of pieces for your listening enjoyment.

Inon Zur is among the game world’s most prolific composers, with Fallout 3, Crysis, Starcraft: Ghost and multiple Prince of Persia games being graced by his talents. As the wizard behind the music of EverQuest II: Rise of Kunark and Icewind Dale II, he is no stranger to conjuring the sounds of fantasy-themed game worlds. Inon Zur’s score for Dragon Age: Origins succeeds in capturing the high fantasy world of the game. This is especially true of the game’s theme song...check it out below:

Dragon Age: Origins Soundtrack - 'Origins Theme' »

Performed by the Northwest Sinfonia, this 35 track album plays like a short symphony. Just put it on and let it play. You will likely not even notice the gaps between songs as you listen. The music fits the game world like a custom set of dwarf-forged armor.

Lending her enchanting vocals to the performance is singer Aubrey Ashburn. The inclusion of two versions of her vocal track “I am the One,” which just recently won the award for Best Original Song at The Hollywood Music in Media Awards, and the fact that Ashburn also sang on the soundtracks of Devil May Cry 4 and Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, will definitely make this set appeal to Japanese game music fans as well.

Dragon Age: Origins Soundtrack - 'I Am The One' »

Who is this album for? Players of Dragon Age: Origins obviously, but even if you haven’t played the game yet you will appreciate Zur’s music on it is own. And if you are among the pen and paper D&D crowd, who enjoy appropriately themed music playing in the background whilst you role play with plastic polyhedrons, I can definitely recommend you include this album alongside the collected works of Manowar  and various sword & sorcery film soundtracks as excellent gaming session background music. Or am I the only one who did that?

The soundtrack for Dragon Age: Origins is available now as a download from Amazon and iTunes. Come back tomorrow when The Feed takes a listen to a new disc of Chiptunes holiday music!

Dragon Age Origins: The Soundtrack Album Review


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