Morning Hangover -- What's Your Stance On Used Games?


Posted December 4, 2009 - By pklepek

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Morning Hangover -- What's Your Stance On Used Games?

Electronic Arts and Pandemic Studios (or what used to be Pandemic Studios) are hoping gamers will buy new copies of The Saboteur because they'll want to see virtual breasts. In order to unlock said breasts, rather than nearly-bare breasts covered by shaking tassels, you need to purchase a new copy of the game, which comes with a downloadable code for the flesh unmasking. I think it's clever and humorous, though ultimately will probably be pretty ineffective. But, hey, if it convinces a few thousand people to purchase new instead of used, it was probably worth the effort, right?

It's one of several ways the industry is experimenting to incentivize new games, rather than waiting to buy used. People buy used because it's cheaper. It's tough to counter that argument, especially in this economy where we're often forced to pick one game or the other. How often do you purchased used? Do you feel a moral obligation to purchase new? I understand arguments on both sides, but given the state of most people's bank accounts, I also understand how morality is a difficult line to follow.

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Morning Hangover -- What's Your Stance On Used Games?