Madden vs. Reality: Turkey Day Results


Posted November 30, 2009 - By G4Sterling

To commemorate the Longest Weekend of the Year, X-Play kicked off the Thanksgiving holiday (no pun intended) with a Madden NFL 10-rendered simulation of the three NFL games happening as savory scents wafted through your kitchen. If you want to check out the original video, click below:

Madden NFL 10 Thanksgiving Day Football Predictions »

For the "TLDW" (really, it's not that long to watch), here's a comparison between X-Play's simulation results and the actual results (the ones where grown men couldn't pick Ask Madden as an option):

Green Bay Packers vs. Detroit Lions

Madden said:

Packers 31

Lions 12

Reality said:

Packers 34

Lions 12

Is a Detroit ass-kicking going to become a tradition on par with airings of "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving?" For the sixth year in a row, the Lions have been sent home with their collective tails between their legs on Turkey Day. The numbers were close to accurate; if only Green Bay had score a field goal, the prediction would've been precise and Mr. Pfister would've nodded in more approval. In this case, Madden pretty much called it.

Dallas Cowboys vs. Oakland Raiders

Madden said:

Cowboys 17

Raiders 10

Reality said:

Cowboys 24

Oakland 7

If Andrew, the Packers fan, could nod in approval, I, the Oakland native, should hang my head in shame. Or maybe that explains why I like soccer so much? Madden undersold the crushing defeat that the Raiders suffered in Arlington by a wide margin. But hey, I hope they stuck around for some Southwestern-styled bird in Dallas. Have you eaten a deep fried turkey cooked by Texans? In that situation, everyone wins. But I digress. Madden predicted the right team would win, but not by the margin they really did.

New York Giants vs. Denver Broncos

Madden said:

Giants 24

Broncos 21

Reality said:

Giants 6

Broncos 26

All they were trying to do was win a ******** game. At least, that's what NFL Networks' sideline mics accidentally picked up from Denver coach Josh McDaniels as he cursed the Broncos all the way to the inzone. On the other hand, they were guilty of several false starts and bringing New York within field goal range. I'd cuss 'em out, too. While I'm at it, anyone who disregarded the warning to not use these predictions as a betting guide is probably still cursing at X-Play. To which I say: get the **** over it. Madden can't get 'em all right.

Madden vs. Reality: Turkey Day Results


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