Tony Hawk Hints At Future Games Using Ride Peripheral


Posted November 24, 2009 - By Stephen Johnson

Tony Hawk: Ride Feet-On Preview

In a recent interview with GameSpot UK, professional skateboarder Tony Hawk revealed that the unique skateboard peripheral that comes with Tony Hawk: Ride may be used in a future Tony Hawk game or even other kinds of games.

"As far as I'm concerned, it's all systems go with trying to make at least a sequel for this," Hawk said. "I feel like we've only just really tapped what's possible with this technology."

Of course, Hawk isn't the end-all decision-maker when it comes to what games Activision is going to make, but, for the record, Hawk would love to see the board peripheral used for a snowboarding or a surfing game. According to the vert-master, snowboarding "would lend itself [to the board] a little bit easier [than other genres], and beyond that I'd love to do a surfing game. I always thought that Kelly Slater's [Pro Surfer] was an underrated title for the PlayStation 2."

Wait, what about hoverboards?

The critical reaction to Tony Hawk: Ride has been not-stellar (and I'm being charitable here; X-Play gave the game one out of five stars it), so I gotta wonder if the game's sales will ultimately reflect this. Time will tell whether the famous Tony Hawk name and the series' reputation is enough to earn the sales needed to inspire future Tony Hawk games, with or without board peripherals. At some point, you have to stop wringing out the sponge of an over-the-hill series; either that, or you re-boot it into something awesome. What do you think is the future of Tony Hawk brand skateboarding games?

Source: GameSpot

Tony Hawk Hints At Future Games Using Ride Peripheral


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