X-Play Presents: Star Trek: Rock Band


Posted November 19, 2009 - By Dana Leahy

Today's episode of X-Play featured a commercial for the hottest new music game, Star Trek: Rock Band. Yeah, that's right, Star Trek : Rock Band is on a five year mission to explore strange new worlds and boldly rock where no one has rocked before! Watch as they mind meld your f*&king face off! It's better than Star Trek III: The Search for ROCK!

Star Trek: Rock Band is so awesome, it'll make you want to throw your Vulcan hands up and say T'PAU! Not convinced? Watch this video and be assimilated:

X-Play Comedy: Star Trek: Rock Band »

Click the jump to see a full track list for the game!

Star Trek: Rock Band Official Track List

  • Roddenberry Fields Forever
  • Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Dilithium Crystals
  • Anarchy in the UFP (United Federation of Planets)
  • It’s My Fal-Tor-Pan Ceremony and I’ll Cry if I Want to
  • Guinan’d by the Light
  • Stairway to StoVoKor
  • Ferengi’s Got Back
  • Borgs Just Want to Have Fun
  • One Boubon. One Scotch. One Romulan Ale
  • The Whales in the Cargo Hold Go ‘Round and ‘Round
  • Blue Suede Gravity Boots
  • Sittin’ by the Shuttle Dock o’ the Bay
  • Captain Piccard’s Lonely Hearts Club Bridge
  • Dirty Deanna (Troi)
  • Talk Vulcan to Me
  • Deep Space 9 to 5
  • Run D.L.C. – Spock This Way
  • Data Said Knock You Out
  • Warf (There it is!)
  • Nuthin' But a 'Q' Thang
  • Livin' La Vida Data
  • Halodeck Killed the Video Star
  • Hungry like the Worf
  • I Did it all for the Tribbles
  • Keeping up with the Cardassians
  • Klingon Me Softly with his Song
  • Gamma Chameleon
  • Smokin’ in Deanna Troi’s Room
  • Waiting For a Borg Like You
  • NCC-1701/Jenny
  • I Wear My Visual Instrument and Sensory Organ Replacement at Night
  • Sweet Tribble 'O Mine
  • Welcome to the Worm hole
  • Borg in the USA
  • I’ve Got a Crusher On You
  • Axis: Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before As Love
  • Nichelle, My Belle
  • Da Doo Doo Doohan  Da Da Da Da
  • The City on the Edge of Forever Your Girl
  • Seven of Ninety Nine Luftballoons
  • Walk this Janeway
  • Khan Buy Me Love
  • Holding Out for a Nero
  • American Pike
  • How Deep Space 9 Is Your Love
X-Play Presents: Star Trek: Rock Band


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