Super Street Fighter IV Hands-On Impressions


Posted November 18, 2009 - By G4Sterling

Super Street Fighter IV Officially Revealed

Who loves some Street Fighter IV? I do, for one, and so does Brian Leahy. That's why both of us are pretty excited for Super Street Fighter IV. On the heels of yesterday's video content, Brian took the time to quickly write up some impressions of his hands-on time with three of the game's new characters, including T. Hawk, Juri, and Dee Jay. Here's a snippet of what he has to say:

"One of the fan favorites from the Super Street Fighter II era, Dee Jay has retained most of his moves and is a very powerful charge character. Playing a lot like Guile, but faster, Dee Jay is very versatile in both countering and rushdown. Unfortunately, he’s received a bit of a nerf according to Seth. In the current build, his EX Dread Kick crumples and can be chained with more EX Dread Kicks in a 1-frame link. It was also possible to chain these into his ultra combo. No longer! I can’t speak to his current state, but I will say that a lot of Balrog and Guile players might defect to Dee Jay. He’s very satisfying to play."

Interested in hearing more about Super Street Fighter IV? Read on!

Super Street Fighter IV Hands-On Impressions


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