NO Rachel McAdams Black Cat For Spider-Man 4


Posted November 17, 2009 - By Joseph Baxter

NO Rachel McAdams As The Black Cat For Spider-Man 4

Ladies and gentleman, I have some sad, sad news to report: A rumor about the upcoming Spider-Man 4 has turned out...NOT to be true!!! (I'll give you a minute to compose yourselves.)

Last week, you may remember a rumor regarding the casting of Rachel McAdams as longtime Spidey nemesis/love interest The Black Cat. Website Mania's "reliable source" said talks were happening for the lovely Ms. McAdams to don the tight, black, white-trimmed cat-suit. (Which I'm sure would have highlighted her various...assets quite well.) However, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, McAdams set the record straight:

“That’s a total rumor, I have to say. I was hanging out in Toronto the other day and someone came up to me and said, ‘I just heard you’re doing Spider-Man 4.‘ And I said, ‘Really? No one told me!’ It’s not true.”

The assertion was also backed-up by a rep for Sony pictures. So either the source was dead wrong, or someone just got thrown under the bus, big time.

Whether or not the character of Felicia Hardy/Black Cat will even be in the flick remains to be seen. However, it seems highly unlikely that the movie will go in this direction, given not only the potential Curt Connors/Lizard storyline, but another late-breaking "way out there" rumor that SM4 will feature Peter Parker and Mary Jane with a child. (Due to a supposed casting call for a red-haired toddler.) The child rumor is far more realistic than any Black Cat involvement, given how much time will have passed since the last film. Unless Sam Raimi's planning to have Peter Parker go all Jon Gosselin in this scenario, I'd say a fling with 'ole Felicia is not happening.

There you have it, then. If you want to get your fix of Rachel McAdams, you can catch her on Christmas Day in the upcoming Sherlock Holmes update, where she will star as Irene Adler opposite Robert Downey Jr.'s Holmes and Jude Law's Dr. Watson. (If words were stock, I'd invest my money in "elementary.")


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NO Rachel McAdams Black Cat For Spider-Man 4


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