Morning Hangover -- Your Favorite Left 4 Dead Moments...Go!


Posted November 13, 2009 - By pklepek

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Left 4 Dead DLC Announcement This Summer

I'm currently playing a game that I can't talk about. It might be the sequel to a certain zombie shooter from last year. But today's Morning Hangover isn't about that game, but Left 4 Dead, otherwise known as the game that got my girlfriend to finally understand how to control a game with dual analog sticks ("You can look around with the other stick?!"). Left 4 Dead feverishly captured my attention not because of its interesting technical achievements like the A.I. director or the way it told the story of Left 4 Dead's zombie infection through scribbles on the wall, but because it made my girlfriend finally figure out the control scheme for modern video games. Why? Because she loves zombies.

For me, my favorite Left 4 Dead moment wasn't even in the game itself, but simply knowing she was in the other room, mowing down the undead and loving it.


Morning Hangover -- Your Favorite Left 4 Dead Moments...Go!


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