Modded Xbox 360s Clog Up Craigslist


Posted November 12, 2009 - By Stephen Johnson

Xbox Customer Service = Fail

This is a public service announcement: Be very, very careful about buying a used Xbox 360 right about now. As you might know, Microsoft is in the process of banning up to a million modded 360s from Live. These bans are affecting the black-market economy of mod-boxes;  modders are racing to unload their illegal and soon to be perma-banned boxes on the internet. Craigslist is glutted with modded Xboxes at dirt-cheap prices, as well as people offering to unban your Xbox (My guess is, it won't work.). I've heard already from several TheFeed readers already who recently purchased used Xboxes that are banned. There's nothing that can be done, so, as they say in Latin: Caveat emptor. Or, "Don't a dink."

Of course, if you are in the market for a modded Xbox (and I don't condone this market, at all), it's a buyers' paradise of cheap, modded machines on Craigslist. As long as you never want to play online, won't use any Live services, don't mind not having any kind of a warranty, and are okay with stealing from people who don't deserve it, you can get a modded Xbox for super cheap these days.

According to Microsoft: "If you purchase a modified console second-hand, the warranty is not transferable and the purchaser assumes the risk for any previous modifications... If you purchase a console that has been previously banned, you will not be able to connect to (Xbox) Live."

Has anyone out there been banned for their mod? Have you purchased a used machine, only to find it's a forbidden Xbox? Leave a comment or shoot me an email! 

Modded Xbox 360s Clog Up Craigslist


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