Final Level From New Super Mario Bros. Leaked. Are You Going To Watch?


Posted November 10, 2009 - By Jake Gaskill

New Super Mario Bros. Help System Has Real Name:

For those of you who are genuinely looking forward to Nintendo’s upcoming platformer-reimagining New Super Mario Bros. for the Wii, you have a serious question to ask yourself right now: Do you or do you not want to see how to beat the final level/boss of the game? I’ll let that sink in for a second, so that you don’t rush into anything you’ll regret later and then blame me for…

Ok. So Nintendo Everything has posted a video that shows off the final level of NSMB being played in the new Super Guide mode, which basically lets you watch the game play itself while you have a snack or something. It’s a full run through of the level, so if you watch the video, you will know exactly how to beat the final section, and you’ll know exactly what happens after you do so. I’ve posted the video after the jump so that you don’t see even the slightest glimpse of a spoiler unless you decide that’s what you want.

My other reason for doing this is to get a quick and dirty estimate on how you all feel about game spoilers. This latest example might not carry the weight or significance that the leaked airport sequence from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 did, but it still represents the same idea. Why are people so eager to ruin game narratives/sequences/twists/etc.? Is itt because the Internet just makes it so easy? Are you someone who prefers to find out about a game’s story before you play it, or do you prefer to let the story unfold before your eyes as you play?

Do you feel differently about movies, novels, or TV shows? Would you gladly spoil MW2 for someone, but smash your face into a wall if someone told you how the last season of your favorite show ended before you'd had a chance to watch it? If so, why the double standard?

I’m fully aware that I’m being somewhat hypocritical here, criticizing people for spoiling game stories while including a video that does just that, but I’m doing it to see just how serious you all are about your stance on this issue. Granted, no one is playing NSMB for the story, and the “spoiler” isn’t surprising in the least, but you see my point.

SPOILERS AFTER THE BREAK! If you don't want to see even a frame of the video, scroll to the bottom of the page immediately once you click through, and you should be spoiler-free and ready to comment on how pure of heart you are.

How many of you watched the video? Were you shocked and appalled?

Source: Nintendo Everything

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Final Level From New Super Mario Bros. Leaked. Are You Going To Watch?


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