Dragon Age: Origins' PC Difficulty Patch Already Built Into Console Versions


Posted November 10, 2009 - By pklepek

BioWare issued a quick patch to the PC version of Dragon Age: Origins late last week, which addressed a handful of bugs that snuck into the final game and, more significantly, addressed complaints from users about imbalances present in the easy and normal difficulty settings. According to users, the easy mode wasn't so easy sometimes and the normal mode experienced unexpected difficulty strikes every so often. The patch was supposed to help balance the different difficulties.

That got me thinking. Does that mean the console versions are in for a patch, too? Should console players of Dragon Age: Origins be aware of the difficulty quirks while the patch goes through the certification process at Microsoft and Sony? Fortunately, that's not necessary.

"Those fixes are actually already in the 360 and PS3 out of the box," a BioWare spokesperson told me.

Hurrah! Patch avoided.

Dragon Age: Origins' PC Difficulty Patch Already Built Into Console Versions


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