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Posted November 9, 2009 - By Stephen Johnson

Diamond Photo

As an international multi-media superstar, I live a life of unimaginable excess. My car is made of solid plutonium. I listen to golden oldies, eat 100 Grand bars and order anything on the menu at the Olive Garden... including the extra bread sticks. Finally, the internet has an auction site for me: You plebes can have your eBays and your auction.com; my monied brethren and I prefer the genteel company at Billionaireexchange.com, a recently launched website that provides auctions for the super-rich looking to unload their yachts, Lamborghini's and death-rays.

I registered an account, and was about to take out an ad offering a human being available for hunting purposes (Jake Gaskill), but, apparently, it violates the company's terms-of-service to buy and sell other human beings in order to provide the discriminating sportsman with a worthy challenge. What a rip-off! The ability to hunt "The Most Dangerous Game" (Jake Gaskill) is the primary reason people become billionaires, and this site that supposedly caters to the wealthy should understand that. I mean, what good is another Gulfstream Jet if I can't affix rocket launchers to it and use it to torment and destroy my enemies (Jake Gaskill)?

Although the site won't let you traffic in humans, you can buy exotic cars, gem-encrusted cell phones and art. Check out the above "Diamond Photograph" by artist Vik Muniz. It's a steal at $62,000.00. I'm no art critic, but even an idiot like me can tell that if this was done with a Bedazzler, you'd call it trash, and it would cost about 6 bucks at your local Salvation Army. But it's made with diamonds, and that makes it Art! Amazing!

On a more serious note: You'd think the super-rich would have a website that doesn't look like a geocities page and throw out SQL errors every five minutes.

Source: Reuters

Super Rich Create Super Rich Internet Auction Site


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