Activision "Not Overly Concerned" About Reaction To Dedicated Servers


Posted November 5, 2009 - By pklepek


The response to Infinity Ward's decision to remove support for player-run dedicated servers from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and embrace console-style matchmaking has been near-universally negative from hardcore PC users. Activision has allowed Infinity Ward to respond directly to players since the news broke, but on an Activision quarterly results call, an analyst asked the publisher if the reaction would have a notable impact on the sales of the PC version of Modern Warfare 2.

In short: Activision's not worried.

"We're of course watching this very carefully and paying attention it it, but we're not overly concerned about it," said Activision Publishing head Michael Griffith. "One of the problems of our PC [versions] on this title in the past is that it has not been as friendly a consumer experience in terms of matchmaking and online play as the consoles have allowed it to be. Our solution here improves that consumer experience overall by a significant margin, so we we think the benefits that we will see are gonna far outweigh any negatives that seem to be surfacing."

Of course, we won't know the real-world impact until Modern Warfare 2 goes on sale next week, where gamers will be forced to put their money where their mouth is. Just a few days now...

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Activision "Not Overly Concerned" About Reaction To Dedicated Servers