Will Steve Guttenberg Bring Back The 80's?


Posted November 5, 2009 - By Joseph Baxter

Will Steve Guttenberg Bring Back The 80's?

Possible Steve Guttenberg comebacks have been "close to happening" quite often in the last few years. The latest example of this was his stint last season on Dancing With The Stars. However, it seems that every year or so, we hear something from the Gute about a possible revival of some of his old franchises, and right now is no exception. In an interview with WENN, it seems that the Gute has been talking up a storm yet again about the topic. According to him, he will, in fact, reunite with Tom Selleck and Ted Danson for a new film in the Three Men and a Baby/Little Lady franchise. (Dare I refer to it as such?) As Guttenberg states:

“Disney’s developing Three Men and a Bride. That’s going to be a smash. A smash hit. They’re bringing everybody back for that. Nobody knows about it. I’m the first to talk about it.”

While Guttenberg did not discuss the details of Three Men and a Bride, it seems to adhere to the rather obvious idea that the "baby" or as we last left her, the "little lady" will in fact be getting married, as comedic gold will surely ensue in the wedding-planning stages as her three still awkward adopted dads hilariously deal with late middle-age, as well as love and commitment issues. (Seriously, try and tell me that the film WON'T be like that!)

However, Guttenberg didn't stop there. He continued on about other projects like his desire to star in the (confirmed) upcoming Short Circuit remake, a new Cocoon film, and of course, the crème de la crème, the long-discussed new Police Academy film. According to Guttenberg:

“It’s definitely time for another Police Academy. And I think they could make another Cocoon. They’re surefire hits and I think they’re good for the world. They make the world a better place and that’s what it’s all about.”

It all sounds kind of absurd, but in today's movie market, which is laden with remakes, reboots, and reboots of reboots, it's pretty realistic to assume that these will eventually be realized. With projects that are probably on the periphery like the Police Academy sequel, (which has been floating around rumor mills for the better part of a decade) it makes you wonder if this trend of looking backwards at franchises is a healthy thing, or a sign of a general creative exhaustion, maybe even laziness?

Guttenberg wants to bring back his 80's projects, which at the time were smash hits that ruled the world. However, is it feasible to capture what made these movie special? It may not be something that can be grasped and reproduced in a tangible way, but may be rooted in the times. Some 80's action franchises may leave enough leeway to translate to modern versions in an acceptable way, but 80's comedies? Well, that's a whole different beast.

What I'd actually like to see one day, is a Steve Guttenberg comeback as some kind of "homicidal Jerry Seinfeld" character in an off-the-wall Quentin Tarantino (or Tarantino-like) film in the same sort of way that John Travolta was brought back to legitimacy in Pulp Fiction.


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Will Steve Guttenberg Bring Back The 80's?


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