DICE Announces PS3 Exclusive Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Beta


Posted November 5, 2009 - By Jake Gaskill

Developer DICE has announced that it will be launching a PlayStation 3-exclusive beta for its upcoming military first-person shooter Battlefield: Bad Company 2 on Nov. 19.

SCEA senior vice president of publisher relations, Rob Dyer, said in a statement, “With Battlefield: Bad Company 2 were looking to raise the bar across all aspects of our multiplayer experience, setting a new standard for online play. From the graphics to the vehicles, weapons and destruction, we are delivering the best online multiplayer game next year, and we want gamers to experience it themselves by playing the beta and demo."

The multiplayer beta will include the Arica Harbor map, and the available game mode, Rush, will be playable by up 24 players. Here’s the official description of what you can expect from the map and mode:

"This new map displays a superb balance of vehicle and infantry combat, as the American assault unit attacks the Russian army base with full force, advancing further through a beautiful desert town and towards the industrial area in a desperate attempt to overtake the Arica Harbor. Heavy vehicle warfare on the first bases gradually turns into an intense infantry fight as the level progresses, showcasing this best-in-class online war experience."

If participating in the beta is something you’re especially interested in doing, then you can find all the sign-up details over at the game’s official site.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PS3 Exclusive Beta Trailer »

DICE Announces PS3 Exclusive Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Beta


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