No Doubt Sues Activision Over Band Hero


Posted November 4, 2009 - By Stephen Johnson

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Band Hero

The band No Doubt has filed a lawsuit against Activision over just-released music game Band Hero.

According to the suit, Activision only had permission to use No Doubt's image to sing three of the band's songs, but instead, it "transformed No Doubt band members into a virtual karaoke circus act" by having them "sing, dance and perform over sixty songs" without getting their permission.

This seems a lot like the lawsuit Courtney Love threatened against Activision a few months ago. Much like Love's suit this seems to me to be very unlikely to prove successful. I'm no lawyer, but Activision is a serious company with a lot of money tied up in this game; I just couldn't see them deciding to do anything they didn't have ironclad, legal agreements to do. I don't think the extra sales earned by the appearance of No Doubt in game form would be worth the potential legal risk of using the band's images in ways they didn't agree to... But hey, who knows. Maybe I'm wrong. Believe it or not, it's happened before.

Source: TMZ

No Doubt Sues Activision Over Band Hero


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