Jimmy Buffett Trademarks "Margaritaville" For Use in Gaming


Posted November 4, 2009 - By Stephen Johnson

Jimmy Buffett Trademarks Ancient singer Jimmy Buffet's Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville Enterprises has filed a trademark registration for the word "Margaritaville," and thus reserved the right to make a game called Margaritaville or use that word in "Interactive game software, computer game software, electronic game programs, downloadable interactive, computer, video and electronic game programs, computer application software for mobile phones; electronic game software for wireless devices."

In my opinion, any game from Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville Enterprises has a huge chance of being crappy, but to give Buffett a fair shake, I found the biggest Jimmy Buffett fan I know, G4's Mike D'Alonzo, and asked him about the implications of this news. This is an exact transcript of our conversation.

Steve: What do you think a Margaritaville game would be like?

Mike: I really don't have time to do this. But something like: The player is a beachcomber who walks the shore looking for people who are dumb enough to go to a Jimmy Buffett Concert.

Steve: Who would it appeal to?

Mike: Mainly balding old jerks and college kids.

Steve: I thought you were a huge Jimmy Buffett fan.

Mike: I'm not. I hate Jimmy Buffett.

Steve: But you once told me you wanted to buy a PT Cruiser. I just assumed you liked Jimmy Buffett.

Mike: Look, **shole, I already told you I don't have time to do this.

Steve: Do you ever pick "Margaritaville" when playing Rock Band?

Mike: No. Jesus.

Steve: Thanks for the interview!

Mike: Whatever.

Regardless of Jimmy Buffett, here's a picture of Mike sitting on a marshmallow in a huge cup of hot cocoa!Mike D'Alonzo Loves Jimmy Buffet

Jimmy Buffett Trademarks "Margaritaville" For Use in Gaming


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