Review Of New Weezer Album Accuses Band Of Catering To Rock Band


Posted November 4, 2009 - By pklepek

Review Of New Weezer Album Accuses Band Of Catering To Rock Band

Weezer remains my favorite band...ever. It'd take something very special to top Blue Album and Pinkerton in my mind, especially when you add nostalgia to the mix. But I'm a little more realistic about modern day Weezer, especially the band's latest record, Raditude (don't get me started on the title). The notoriously snarky Pitchfork, however, takes singer and songwriter Rivers Cuomo to task in its review of Raditude, acccusing Cuomo of writing songs specifically for Rock Band.

"Of course, these journal scrawls are backed largely by power-pop -- what else could it be?" wrote critic Rob Mitchum in his largely negative review. "Cuomo proved for all time with the first two Weezer records (and fleetingly since) that he's a master of the genre, popping out melodic sing-alongs and fuzz-guitar riffs, and Raditude largely goes back to those basics. ... All together, it sounds like the first record ever written with the goal expressly in mind of being kick-ass to play on Rock Band."

The ironic part is MTV Games and Harmonix have consistently proved they're big fans of Weezer in their downloadable content lineup. Several tracks from Weezer's last release, The Red Album, appeared on the Rock Band store right around the time The Red Album was released. It wouldn't be very shocking to see the same thing happen with Raditude sometime in the near future.

(The single is actually pretty awesome.)

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Review Of New Weezer Album Accuses Band Of Catering To Rock Band


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