The Return of Alice "Teaser Trailer" Not Official


Posted November 4, 2009 - By Jake Gaskill

The Return of Alice

First, the voters in Maine actually decide that it would be a totally awesome idea to repeal a civil rights-ensuring law, and now we find out that the “teaser trailer” for American McGee’s The Return of Alice that was released earlier in the week was actually just a fan-made trailer? Honestly, could this day get any worse?

Developer McGee (sounds like an insult, no?) explained the situation on his blog, saying:

“Yesterday, a few sites picked up a video of Alice made by one of our fans and confused it as an official trailer of Alice 2. I wanted to clear up any confusion – as I mentioned in my post it was unofficial, and does not represent any of the final art direction or story elements in Alice 2. We look forward to sharing information on the game in the future.”

The "official" teaser site where the trailer first appeared has since been taken down as well, so that's that. The skilled effects artist behind the trailer, Troy Morgan, has created a number of animated shorts with the same kind of creepy and haunting tone found in the Alice 2 "teaser," and his reel shows the extent of his effects knowledge.

What's interesting though is that on Morgan's website, in his "Films" section, is a music video that he did the animation for, and that is listed as having been directed by American McGee. I'm currently waiting to hear back from Morgan to find just how "unofficial" this whole teasing business has really been.

In the meantime, I guess that badass concept art of Alice battling a giant mechanical snail atop a toppling lighthouse will have to do. Seriously, how insane is that? That image alone has earned the game a spot on my list of sweet looking games that are years away from being released.

The Return of Alice "Teaser Trailer" Not Official


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