"Dead" Characters To Return On Lost?


Posted November 2, 2009 - By Joseph Baxter

When we last left Elizabeth Mitchell's character Juliet Burke on Lost, she was trapped back in 1977, bleeding and battered with internal injuries, fallen far into a ditch filled with hazardous metal junk, while hitting an atom bomb with a rock in the desperate hope that it would detonate! Of course, it eventually does, and Lost's fifth season ends in a kind of "anti-Sopranos" way with a fade to an all white screen. (No Journey, unfortunately. It could have used some Foreigner, though.) It wasn't exactly a rosy "happily ever after" ending for the character. However, in a recent interview with Sci-Fi, Elizabeth Mitchell herself clearly says that she will be taking time off from the war against the Visitors on V (which premieres tomorrow night) to return to "The Island" for some unfinished business in Lost's upcoming final season. (Possible Olympic delays and all.) According to Mitchell:

"I can't [say], because they've decided to do a complete blackout," Elizabeth Mitchell, who played the character, told us exclusively last week on the set of her new show, ABC's V. "They're doing no press, and they're giving no hints and no spoilers, and they're showing no promos. So I really can't say anything."

What?! Well, when Mitchell was then asked WHEN she would be going back to Hawaii to film Lost's final season, she responded:

"I believe on the 14th [of November]," Mitchell said."

Is that even considered a technicality to not be able to confirm IF your character will be back on the show, but then clearly reveal WHEN you're returning to shoot your scenes? **Facepalm**

Mitchell further explains that after finishing shooting the first few episodes of V, she will do a quick role in a movie, and then will be in Hawaii for Lost until about January 20 when she returns to V. Putting 2 and 2 together, that's a LONG two straight months of shooting Lost, which is to take place on the island itself. This strongly implies that her return will not simply be in the form a brief cameo or flashback, but rather will be a major role. It now seems that the "deaths," at least in the 1977 flashback are likely to be nullified. This falls in line with the general speculation among fans, and it also speaks volumes that hardly anyone was even entertaining the possibility that Sayid would NOT survive his mortal gunshot wound. (Although there doesn't seem to be any signs on the Faraday front with Jeremy Davies.)

Did Jack really alter history when the Jughead bomb was detonated on the Swan site? Juliet's seemingly definitive return may imply that it did, in some capacity, anyway. It also lends credence to the long-discussed rumors that other deceased Losties, specifically Ian Somerhalder's Boone and Dominic Monaghan's Charlie (which was supported by Monaghan's appearance on the Lost panel at last summer's Comic Con.)

Who else could we see back?


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"Dead" Characters To Return On Lost?


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