Mike Laidlaw Talks Dragon Age: Origins With Adam Sessler


Posted November 2, 2009 - By bleahy

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Dragon Age: Origins will be released tomorrow for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. While you wait one more excruciating day, watch this interview between Adam Sessler and Mike Laidlaw, lead designer on the game at BioWare.

Adam and Mike discuss the game's 5-year development, lessons learned from previous BioWare games like Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Mass Effect, and how the dev team specifically wanted to help players that may not be familiar with the company's previous titles that relied on the Dungeons & Dragons ruleset get right into the action.

"Moving away from things like round-based concepts and things that were very tabletop-heavy and moving to elements, talents, and abilities that make sense and are, ideally, very visceral. So you can actually see them play out. That's the thing about tabletop gaming. It's abstract by nature. It's a bunch of friends and a bowl of chips. The bowl of chips have no part in combat, but they're there! So, you have to get past that "it's all in your imagination". With a game, you can create animations and models. When you 'Shield Bash' someone, even if you aren't quite sure what effect that has and then [the enemy] goes ass over tea kettle... well, it's pretty obvious what just happened."

Extended Dragon Age: Origins Lead Designer Interview »

Are you picking up Dragon Age: Origins tomorrow? For which platform? For me, it's PC all the way. I need that isometric viewpoint.

Mike Laidlaw Talks Dragon Age: Origins With Adam Sessler


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