Lucasfilm Lashes Out At New Star Wars Trilogy Rumors


Posted October 27, 2009 - By Joseph Baxter

Lucasfilm Lashes Out At New Star Wars Trilogy Rumors

Over the weekend, a rumor may have briefly come across your radar regarding a supposed new Star Wars Trilogy, which was to be presented in 3-D. (Whoaaa! Right?) As quickly as that rumor came, it was shot down by credible sources. All but the most gullible of fans did no less than take the rumor with a grain of salt, and by Monday, it was already a distant memory.

However, as if this rumor needed another nail in its already tightly-secured coffin, Lucasfilm's head of fan relations, Steve Sansweet fielded a question about the subject in a recent interview. Needless to say, he emphasized its false nature, before remarking:

"It wasn't a news item, it was something that somebody made up and put in the form of a blog. It's totally, totally ignorant and stupid." Further adding: "You shouldn't believe what you read on the Internet."

The aforementioned Star Wars Trilogy would have been a "sequel," depicting a time set after the events of Return of the Jedi and the fall of the mighty Galactic Empire (from a handful of Rebels and some rock-throwing Ewoks.) Some had already speculated that it would depict either various themes from the Expanded Universe comic titles or would have been a direct adaptation of Timothy Zahn's famous "Thrawn Trilogy" of novels. Who knows what it would have been?

Regardles, it now appears that it may be a day of mourning for the super-duper hardcore Expanded Universe fanboys that wanted to see Grand Admiral Thrawn team up with Mara Jade and Guri to overthrow the Clone Emperor in a power grab, while fending off the attacks from Quinlan Vos, Jacen Solo, and the Jedi Ghost of Ulic Qel Droma. (Or something like that.)

How do you feel about the idea of another Star Wars Trilogy? Could it be just what the doctor ordered to redeem the franchise? Or are you taking comfort in the fact that sleeping dogs will be left to lie.


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Lucasfilm Lashes Out At New Star Wars Trilogy Rumors


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