Five Favorite Grand Theft Auto Supporting Characters


Posted October 28, 2009 - By G4Sterling

By Sterling McGarvey, G4tv.com

Five Favorite Grand Theft Auto Supporting Characters

With The Ballad of Gay Tony closing out the Liberty City story arc that kicked off with Grand Theft Auto IV, I’ve decided to look back on some of the most memorable characters from the GTA series. Granted, Gay Tony has its own colorful cast, but I decided to leave them off until you play it for yourself. You might disagree with my choices, so feel free to comment below with your favorite characters, and why you think they’re awesome!

Number Five: Manny Escuela
Game: Grand Theft Auto IV

Manny Escuela

Who Is He? A self-proclaimed community leader, Manny is arguably one of the biggest hypocrites that Niko encounters during his jaunt through Liberty City.

Why Is He Awesome? Because he’s from the STREETS, MAN! Manny’s completely contradictory behavior and reality show obnoxiousness ensured that along with every mission pulled off, some laughter would follow. Except for that incident in Elizabeta’s apartment. But we digress. Manny is a character that epitomizes the sort of hypocrisy that Rockstar loves poking fun at. In a fairly grim story about a warped vision of the American Dream, Manny (and his cameraman) stood out like a sore thumb. STREETS, MAN!

Number Four: Sonny Forelli
Game: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City


Who Is He? Douchebag mobster who stabs Tommy Vercetti in the back then continues to hound him throughout Vice City.

Why Is He Awesome? Because every proper GTA game needs an entertaining villain, and few were more despicable than Sonny Forelli. Betrayed his childhood friend? Check. Continuously harasses him throughout the game? Check. Turned an ally against said childhood friend? Check. When it comes to scummy bad guys in a game full of antiheroes, few take the cake with quite the panache that Sonny does. It felt so good to pump rounds into him to lock down Vice City once and for all.

Number 3: The Truth
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

The Truth

Who Is He? A conspiracy-theory obsessed hippie who CJ runs into during his exodus from Los Santos.

Why Is He Awesome? Quirky. Weird. Strung-Out. Call him whatever you want, but you can’t deny that The Truth’s missions were among the most entertaining and memorable encounters in the most massive Grand Theft Auto game to date. At one point, you’re burning acres of wacky tobacc-y with a flamethrower, and later on, you’ve got a jetpack and you’re jacking alien goo from Area 69. Not to mention that mission in which you run over a legion of white supremacists with a crop harvester. Say what you will about the gangbanging elements, it’s the Truth that provides some of San Andreas’ most memorable moments.

Number 2: Frank Tenpenny
Game: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Officer Tenpenny

Who Is He? Crooked police officer with the LSPD who makes CJ’s life a living hell.

Why Is He Awesome? As bad as Sonny Forelli was, Officer Tenpenny is even worse. He’s basically Denzel Washington in “Training Day” but cartoonishly more evil. Besides overseeing the death of CJ’s mother, he frames CJ for murder early on in the game, gets Sweet thrown in prison, then through his power trip with C.R.A.S.H. (not unlike the real-life LAPD Rampart Scandal), proceeds to let rival gangs destroy the Grove Street Family. If that’s not enough, his acquittal after being indicted for several counts of criminal charges is the spark for Los Santos’ riots at San Andreas’ climax. Is it any wonder that at the end of the game, you find out that homeless people stripped and mutilated his corpse during the riots? The GTA4 story arc has seen some bad men, but Rockstar North hasn’t concocted a scumbag quite as awful as Tenpenny since.

Number 1: Brucie Kibbutz
Grand Theft Auto IV


Who Is He? Steroid-abusing fitness junkie who loves himself just a little more than the ladies. Also, he likes to pay Niko to steal exotic cars.

Why Is He Awesome? How is he not awesome? From the pseudo-Asian tattoos (confirmed to not be what he thinks they are) to the jacked-up hyperactive chatter, Brucie chews up scenery and spits it out like a bad flavor of PowerBar. The McReary family might have the most memorable mission of GTA4 (no one can deny the power of “Three Leaf Clover”), but there’s never been a character in gaming who’s gloated so openly about ingesting bull shark testosterone with such gleeful abandon. Underneath the tough guy talk, you can tell there’s a delicate flower. And that’s why he’s hilarious. Stay alpha, indeed.

Five Favorite Grand Theft Auto Supporting Characters


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