Analyst: DJ Hero Demand Below Expectations


Posted October 26, 2009 - By Stephen Johnson

DJ Hero

Uh-oh; things don't look good for upcoming music game DJ Hero, at least according to analyst Doug Creutz of Cowan and Company.

"On DJ Hero, despite some recent positive comments from company management about pre-orders, we remain very cautious about the title's prospects at launch," wrote Creutz in a note to investors. "A survey of online retailers indicates a demand profile that is well below what we would have expected to see just a few days before launch for a title that was destined to be a big (or even modest) success."

Creutz anticipates that DJ Hero will only sell 600,000 units in the US during the fourth quarter, compared to Cowan's previous 1.6m estimate. Creutz predicts the title will sell 950,000 (instead of 2.5 million) for the year. Not terrible, but far from blockbuster status.

This doesn't surprise me: The combination of slumping music game sales, a high-price tag, a never-before-tried control scheme and the relatively niche-oriented appeal of "DJ" music all could add up to slow sales of this title. Which is a shame, honestly. From what I've seen, it's a rad game.

DJ Hero hits shelves tomorrow; and while this is far from a random sampling, I'd be curious how many of you plan on picking it up or asking for it for Kwanzaa. Answer in the comment section.... although I'll take disinterest in this entire post as a "no" vote.


Analyst: DJ Hero Demand Below Expectations