Letter From the Editor: This Website Is About To Explode


Posted October 23, 2009 - By Adam Sessler

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Letter From the Editor: This Website Is About To Explode

Okay, it’s clearly the end of the year. I’m waking up and it’s dark out. I inadvertently put on long sleeve shirts and only realize I live in unseasonably hot Los Angeles five hours later. I am about to be crushed under the mountain of games that are being released in some uncontrollable death march of entertainment.

Things are good, though, as you’ll see next week (10/26). Around the Internet you may see banner ads featuring yours truly and my wonderful better half on X-Play, Morgan. You see, we’re promoting G4tv.com. Why? Because we want to. Because we’re truly proud of how it has evolved this year and we want you to come visit. Please.

Actually it’s rather impressive what you’ll find on the site next week, as there is a bevy of goodies for you to admire. It’s a bigger bevy than what you’re used to. By the way, what’s a bevy?

Monday we have a big look at Assassin’s Creed 2. Morgan took it upon herself to endure the hardship of going out to Florence and Venice, Italy to meet the team behind the game. We’ll have several videos of her interviews with new footage. Having already watched them, I finding myself significantly more excited for a game I already was looking forward to. Also, given that “Next-Gen” has pretty much become “Gen,” we’re looking at the three major consoles and how our initial perceptions have changed from their launch. Yes, the comments section will be open for further insight.

Tuesday is a Fat day for game releases, so enjoy a trove that includes Tekken 6, DJ Hero, Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time and Forza 3. Oh it doesn’t end there, catch our special Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 coverage with new interviews from Infinity Ward and a never-before seen co-op Spec Ops mission that’s cool to watch but insanely fun to play. Think Black and White with heavy ordinance.

Wednesday is a Left 4 Dead 2 spectacular. Abbie Heppe rallied herself to up to Seattle and inside of Valve for a special look at the company and the game, bringing back new footage and insight to help better prepare me for the coming zombie apocalypse. Come by for a rotten-body load of videos. Also, we take the opportunity to look at the use of episodic games from Valve's intermittent masterpieces with Half-Life to Telltale Games’ reliable output…remember when this was the future of gaming?

Thursday we’re giving a glimpse at two upcoming 2010 games: The delayed and mysterious Bioshock 2 and two exclusive videos of Heavy Rain, quite possibly one of the most ambitious titles I’ve seen in years, which may finally answer the questions about video games truly functioning as interactive stories…while looking freakin’ awesome at the same time. With such mature games on the horizon we’ll also question why similar fare has such a difficult time on the Wii, despite developers trying again and again. All that and our review of the new GTA IV DLC, The Ballad of Gay Tony.

Friday is our finish line and we’re closing it out with a celebration of World of WarCraft’s upcoming 5-year anniversary. Morgan popped down to Blizzard’s headquarters to chat with five members of the team, past and present. They ruminate on the development, launch and the phenomenon that followed. Even for a non-WoW fan like myself, it’s fascinating to get this insight into one of the most significant games of the past decade. Plus, because we love you, we have exclusive footage from Mass Effect 2, a game that’s at the center of my gaming desires.

So, I hope your interest is piqued, your appetite whetted, your…bell eagerly awaiting a ringing. We’ve been rowing the oars of a Roman slave ship to serve up our smorgasbord of coverage. Enjoy your final week of October -- right now, I’m taking a nap.

Yours in servitude,


Letter From the Editor: This Website Is About To Explode


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