Morning Hangover -- The Reaction To Infinity Ward And Modern Warfare 2


Posted October 22, 2009 - By Andrew Pfister

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

We've been kind of quiet about the whole Modern Warfare 2 dedicated server situation, which is pretty much a debacle now, and is about two steps away from a full-on fiasco. But I was pleased to see your reactions to the story Stephen posted yesterday. I don't game as much on the PC these days as I'd like to (mostly because of available time and paranoia that my HDD is failing), but I learned my shooty-shoot games on the PC back in high school and college, which means I'm well aware of the importance of dedicated servers. Is Infinity Ward making reasonable arguments defending their decision? Eh...maybe. (But not really.) Are a certain sub-section of PC gamers overreacting before seeing what IW.NET brings to the table? Perhaps. But is the way that IW is treating their PC community at-large not just disappointing, but incredibly disrespectful of their collective experience and intelligence? Absolutely. Dedicated servers should always be an option.

Vote with your dollars, friends.

Morning Hangover -- The Reaction To Infinity Ward And Modern Warfare 2


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